Saeed bin Saleh Al Marri, CEO of Ethra Invest Company, confirmed that the UAE is making tremendous contributions to enhancing the growth of trade and shipping globally, and topping many global competitiveness indicators in the maritime sector, noting that the country’s ports are classified among the country’s best ports. Top ten global ports by volume. Container handling: More than 27,000 maritime companies operate in the UAE, and the country’s ports are among the best in the world.

Al Marri said in his statements: Ethra Invest, which was recently established in Dubai, intends to expand in the maritime shipping sector during the coming period by pumping more investments into the sector, which is witnessing significant growth to meet the large demand for trade. The sector provides promising opportunities in light of rapid growth. The international goods transport sector will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 2.8 per year until 2026 due to increasing industrialization and urbanization in Asia, after the sector achieved growth of 2.1% between 2015 and 2019.

He pointed out that the idea of ​​investing in the maritime shipping sector is based on the entry of individual investors, companies and institutions into projects to purchase and lease ships in the field of international goods transport through specialized companies, and the annual return on the invested capital is no less than 10%, while the net income return ranges Between 10% and 10%. % and 12% annually, distributed monthly. As an investment example, if an investor invested $100,000, the annual dividends would be about $10,000, the monthly distributions would be $830, and the return on capital (capital gain upon final liquidation of the portfolio) would be about $10,000. dollar.


In response to a question from Al Bayan about the size of the investments, Al Marri replied that the company aims to invest $15 million (55 million dirhams) in the first phase, and it will be doubled in the following phases, stressing that the minimum participation in the investment is $100,000.

He said: Investment is made through specialized companies with the aim of purchasing a single-deck bulk cargo ship, ships or other similar ships for trade in international goods, with technical management through shipping experts managed by a specialized shipping company with good experience. Well-known reputation. He added that the investment strategy is based on two parts, the first of which is achieving a “fixed return” through leasing contracts for the ships invested in, as leasing prices currently reach 11 thousand dollars per day, and can reach 35 thousand dollars per day, indicating that the second part is to Capitalization growth by focusing on timely acquisition and disposal of vessels based on return on risk criteria and key sector analysis.