Ethra Invest

Ethra Invest strives to exceed expectations by delivering superior returns for investors and creating lasting value for stakeholders. The Dubai-based firm designs customised solutions to help individual and institutional investors generate and preserve wealth. The firm stays aligned with client interests, whether high-net-worth individuals or institutional investors like pension funds and endowments. Ethra Invest prioritises strong relationships, sustainable growth and positive impacts. It’s an active asset manager with a conservative investment approach. Ethra Invest is guided by a value system rooted in excellence, integrity, transparency and innovation. It specialises in non-traditional investment solutions, conducting extensive due diligence and market analysis to achieve client objectives with creativity and confidence. Ethra Invest gives clients access to a curated selection of private equity funds managed by an experienced internal team and reputable external partners. Supplementary services at Ethra Invest extend to brokerage as well as advisory on local and international capital markets. At the start of the year, the firm highlighted maritime shipping as a promising investment sector with high capacity for profitability and risk control. It intends to focus investments on maritime transportation of dry goods, a sector which plays a vital role in commodities trading and has seen sustained growth in recent years. The judging panel looks to the firm’s track record of successful investments as a positive indication of its potential growth trajectory. The jury announces Ethra Invest as the 2023 award winner for Best Private Equity Fund Investment Solutions. 

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